Conversion Program

At Tilden Your Total Car Care Center™, we think that our system is the best. The well-being of our Franchisees is important and their satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our Franchisees come from all walks of life, including shop owners in the tire, brakes, exhaust and general repair industries, as well as many non-automotive fields. They joined Tilden because it was a “mutually beneficial” arrangement. Now you may qualify to convert your shop into a Tilden franchise.

Your business integrity and expertise are what we’re looking for. And we believe we have everything that you’re looking for, such as:

What’s in the “Tilden” name?

  • Known and trusted for over 80 years
  • Effective advertising campaigns
  • Print, Internet, Social Media, and On-Hold advertising
  • Local advertising support
  • Many years and $$$ spent developing the Tilden name and system

Contact Jason about our shop conversion programs!

(516) 746-7911

(800) TILDENS [845-3367]

What the Customer Wants

  • A name they recognize
  • A shop they can trust
  • Warranty program supported by a trusted company
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Personalized service

What our Franchisees Get

  • Access to our training center
  • In-Shop training
  • Warranty support
  • Technical assistance
  • Field operations support
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Point of sale assistance
  • National suppliers
  • Co-op advertising
  • Potential for increased shop value

Franchisees Freedom & Support

  • Purchase goods from any supplier
  • Field support “on request”
  • Wide variety of corporate services
  • Multi-Shop ownership potential
  • Access to top management
  • Customer capture direct mail

Why Become a Tilden Franchisee?
Look around at successful businesses. How many of them are franchised businesses? Why are they successful? Because customers have come to demand the same quality of service, integrity, competitive pricing, customer service and warranty support wherever they travel. To a customer it’s all in the name. At Tilden Your Total Car Care Center™, it’s all in our name and our image in the eye of the customer. This opportunity to change the identity of your shop to a Tilden shop is not available to everyone. We know that there are many areas where Tilden Your Total Car Care Center™ does not currently have a presence. Your shop may be located in such an area. So if we can get together with you, it could be a great marriage.



Tilden Innovative Program
Structured for Success


  • Small towns, rural communities and metropolitan areas
  • Significant areas still available
  • Available to Independent Owners of existing businesses in the auto repair aftermarket

Services Offered

  • Brake systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Tune ups
  • Oil changes
  • Air conditioning service
  • Tire Balance and rotate
  • Wheel alignments


  • Total investment required will depend on the condition of your shop’s facilities, business and other individual factors
  • A Tilden Franchise fee is required
  • Our representatives will work with you on financial details of this program.


  • Initial franchise term: 20 years
  • Each renewal term: 20 years

Royalty Fees

  • Royalty fee for the first month (4 weeks) are
    reinvested in your local area advertising

Weekly Advertising Account Fund

  • This fund is paid into by our Franchisees and administered by the Home Office
  • Weekly contributions are 3% of gross revenues for advertising
  • Franchisees give advertising input through an Advertising Committee

Shop Size Needed

  • Minimum 4 lifts
  • Helpful if shop is expandable to accommodate growth of business


  • Training at a Tilden Technical Training Center
  • Continued training support in shop with a Tilden Field Operations Manager
  • Periodic seminars & workshops
  • Technical service bulletins


  • Major suppliers offer discounts to Tilden Franchisees.
  • That’s the “POWER OF THE CHAIN.”

Our Most Important Asset is Our Existing Tilden Franchise Network.

  • Our first consideration is for territorial protection of any existing Tilden shop.
  • A full analysis of the market in your trade area and competitive factors will determine the fees and viability of converting your shop(s) to carry the Tilden name.


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