Tilden vs The Competition

Tilden vs. the Competition

Competition generally comes from two directions: new car dealers and specialty service centers. The new car dealers charge premium rates for their services and, as a result, consumers doing non-warranty repairs or maintenance, most often favor local automotive centers, where they can have personal service from a friendly owner/operator, pay fair/competitive prices and receive trusted/quality service. Our image and trusted reputation combined with a competent operator gives us the competitive edge.

Specialty Service Centers such as quick lubes, quick tune-ups, transmission operations, muffler shops and other niche repair shops are very often limited to specific auto repairs. A Tilden Total Car Care Center™ is a complete auto, van, sport utility vehicle and light truck repair center with a full menu of services. A quick lube center that finds a bad fan belt in the course of an oil change would most often have to send the customer somewhere else to have it repaired. At Tilden Total Car Care Center™, our well trained personnel and full service concept offers total car care for the entire family, as well as Fleet Vehicles.

The Industry

The Automotive Service Industry is a proven vehicle for success. The industry is expected to gross more than $160 Billion dollars in sales this year. According to the American Market Research Council, the average length of time a person owns a vehicle is now 7.8 years. Currently there are over two hundred million vehicles on the road that are, on the average, over seven years old. They need to be serviced and maintained.

The demand for quality service or replacement of brakes, exhaust systems, shocks, suspension, oil changes, engine repairs and other related services is at an all time high. Our Tilden Total Car Care Center™ are getting an increased share of this business each and every day. Since the average American household owns two or more vehicles at any given time, a full service Tilden Total Car Care Center™ generates significant repeat business from loyal, satisfied customers who recommend family members.


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