Why Tilden?

Why Franchising?

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study found that the franchising sector generates 18 million jobs in the United States alone and yields $1.53 trillion in economic output. If you’re considering joining the ranks of those who own and operate more than 760,000 franchise establishments get ready to learn all about this exciting way of doing business. In franchising you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself 1. With proven business systems, operating systems, marketing strategies, start-up training and development tools, Honest-1® provides the tools you need to be successful – even if you have no prior experience in the automotive industry.

Why Automotive Repair?

At the end of 2009, there was an estimated 80,061 independent general mechanical service businesses in the United States. These independent businesses employ an approximately 332,262 individuals who provide service and repair, administrative support, and leadership to keep more than 251 million motor vehicles operational. It is estimated that 70 percent (176 million) of out-of-warranty vehicles are repaired at independent shops.

The average age of cars in the United States is 10.6 years. This number is up from 10.2 at the beginning of 2007 as reported by Lang Marketing Resources Inc.
The Automotive Service Association projects total sales for general mechanical repair facilities in 2009 to be $39.8 billion, based on U.S. Census Bureau figures for general mechanical repair. Adding in specialty repair facilities, oil change facilities and transmission shops, the estimated total sales moves closer to $55 billion.
These figures do not include the approximately 20,010 auto dealerships with service facilities that took in approximately $30 billion ($17 billion in labor and $13 billion in parts) in 2008, according to the National Automobile Dealership Association. Dealership closures have collapsed the number of bays, down 8 percent between 2007 and 2008.

With new vehicle sales down 26 percent from September 2008 to September 2009, independent shops have an opportunity to serve consumers whose dealerships have or will soon close their doors.
1Source: International Franchise Association

Why Choose Tilden as your Auto Care Franchise?

Tilden Your Total Car Care Center™ provides you with everything you need to reach your full potential including an extensive two week training program for you, your manager and an additional employee. Our team of experienced operations personnel will train your team in the technical, mechanical, operational, business and management aspects of running a successful Tilden Your Total Car Care Center™.

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Franchising Does Work
 Manage Franchising is considered one of the most dynamic and effective systems for distribution of goods and services known today. It combines the entrepreneurial drive and ambition of a small businessperson with the experience, reputation, purchasing power, advertising, marketing advantages, and name recognition of a large company. The result is usually a rewarding partnership for both parties involved.

When you enter into the franchise world, you immediately access years of business experience without attending the college of “hard knocks.” You deal with a product or service that has been proven in the marketplace, or a name that people are already familiar with. The “system” of running your business has been established, enabling you to have a smooth running operation from the beginning. Mistakes can cost you money. Our system, experience and successful Business Format is geared toward reducing or eliminating your mistakes.

When you purchase a franchise you are joining a team. The members of that team have mutual goals. Together they work to increase sales and reduce the common expenses. You also gain expertise in site selection, lease negotiation, store design and store construction. These areas can take years of experience to become proficient in. We’re with you every step of the way.

Today, franchises are under stringent laws which protect the franchisee’s interest. As a result, today’s franchise offers a more secure investment than ever before. Government statistics show that failure rates of franchises are significantly lower than those of individuals starting a new business on their own.

Probing your Profit Potential
 The potential sales and profitability of a Tilden Your Total Car Care Center is naturally a major concern to any prospective franchisee. To determine this information, we encourage you to contact as many existing owners as you wish, and talk to them about how they are doing. In this way, you can make your own first-hand evaluation of our franchise program.

At TildenTM we have a firm policy that no employee of the company can provide you with projections as to your potential sales, earnings or profitability. This policy adheres to FTC guidelines as outlined in Article XIX of our Franchise Agreement and eliminates possible misunderstandings which lead to better long-term relationships.

Instead, our standard procedure is to provide you with the name, address and telephone number of every franchise owner in our system. This information is given to you during our first personal meeting and prior to purchasing your franchise. This enables you to go directly to TildenTM franchise owners for straight facts. Of course, it is not mandatory for franchisees to provide exact figures, but most of them are willing to give you a good idea of how they are doing and relate if they are satisfied with TildenTM.

Without a doubt, Tilden gives you the best means to get the facts you need in the most honest and direct fashion. We feel, if you investigate, you’ll invest in opening a Tilden Your Total Car Care Center in your local area.

 When you become a Tilden franchisee, we will assist you in the layout and design of your center with an upscale contemporary look, that creates an exciting and inviting atmosphere. All Tilden Your Total Car Care Centers will have the same corporate image which will make them easily identifiable to our customers who visit these centers throughout America.

Exclusive Territory
 Each franchisee is awarded an exclusive territory, mutually agreed to and no other Tilden Your Total Car Care Center will be placed within your protected territory.

Fleet Accounts
 The corporate office will assist you in soliciting and securing Regional and/or National Fleet Accounts and as our network expands, these accounts will be shared according to your exclusive territory.

Grand Opening Program
 You will receive a powerful grand opening print campaign including press releases and camera ready ad slicks and related materials for use in your local newspapers. Brochures explaining your services will also be provided for you to reproduce and distribute.

Discounts on Supplies & Equipment
 As part of the Tilden™ family you are eligible to receive sizable discounts on the latest equipment, parts and supplies. Our National Account status with major manufacturers and suppliers carries with it inherent cost savings and pricing advantages.

Marketing & Advertising Support
 Working together with other TildenTM franchisees, as a co-op buying group, will enable you to have the media buying power to advertise locally, regionally or nationally. Various marketing strategies and innovative advertising campaigns are continuously being developed to help you increase your sales.

Low Inventory / Group Purchasing Power
 You will be able to run an effective operation with minimal inventory. Because of our group purchasing power and status as a national account, you will be able to access automotive parts from nationally contracted parts suppliers who offer a superior combination of parts availability, rapid delivery and competitive prices to our franchisees.

Site Selection
 We provide you with assistance in selecting the best high traffic site available in your area of preference and help negotiate the best possible lease.

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