Automotive Tires—Tire Checks, Sales, Mounting, and Alignment at Your TildenTM Repair Shop

Full-Service Automotive Shops

Your local Tilden Your Total Car Care CenterTM provides full-service tire sales, inspections, mounting, rotation and alignment services for cars, SUVs, trucks, vans and business fleet vehicles.  Your local store, either a corporate or independent franchise store, offers national tire brands for sale.


ASE Certified Technicians or mechanics perform preventive maintenance services and replace, mount, balance and align tires.

New Tires and Safety First

We recommend that you replace tires in pairs or replace all four tires at once.  When buying two tires, be sure to have the tires rotated to the back and the new tires placed on the front of the vehicle.  If you have worn or used tires, the chances of hydroplaning increase.


So, whenever you purchase tires, make sure the newest tires on the front since you steer using the front tires.  This provides you with added safety in difficult weather conditions such as thunderstorms, icing roads or during heavy snowstorms.

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Tire Sales and Services

As your local tire change shop, TildenTM stores provide full-service options and sales of national brand tires.  We provide the following tire services:

If you have additional issues with brakes, steering, tie-rods, shocks, struts, or ball-joints, your local Tilden Your Total Car Care CenterTM can take of those problems as well.  You will receive a full estimate on service, parts replacement costs and labor before any we do any work.


Check with your local store for specific brands of tires, availability and pricing.

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