Transmission Repairs, Problem Diagnosis and Tansmission Replacement Services

Do Not Get Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere…

If you have a slipping transmission, cloudy oil, or difficulty shifting gears, take your vehicle Tilden Your Total Car Care CenterTM for transmission repairs, problem diagnoses or for parts replacements.  As vehicles age or as parts fail, or a vehicle has been poorly maintained or driven harshly, transmission problems can become more and more noticeable.  Although you may want to, do not delay.  The last thing you want is to be stranded somewhere with no transmission shop anywhere around.


TildenTM repair shops are full-service repair shops (review our services list).  Our ASE Certified Technicians and mechanics will gladly help determine what transmission repairs, parts replacement(s), or if a full, automotive transmission replacement is required.  Of course, we recommend periodic transmission fluid flushes and general maintenance to ensure that your transmission will work properly for a long time.

Transmission Repairs and Replacement—Find a Local Tilden Your Total Car Care CenterTM

Diagnostics, Repairs and Problems Solved

Whether your personal car, truck, SUV, or van needs transmission repairs, or your business fleet needs maintenance, do not delay any further.  The longer the delay on a failing transmission, the greater the likelihood is that you will have to replace the entire transmission.  Your local personnel and mechanics will offer you diagnostics, visual inspections, or parts inspections along with other services to determine the problem and the best way to resolve the issue(s).

Fleet Account Services for Transmissions and Automotive Repairs

TildenTM stores also maintain fleet vehicle accounts, and with greater mileage, fleet vehicles frequently need ongoing maintenance to prevent transmission, major engine overhauls or other system failures.  Check with corporate or franchise stores about business repair credit options available in your company’s operational area(s).


We offer a wide range of fleet services to business customers including an advanced maintenance, scheduled maintenance, required manufacturer’s warranty maintenance, preventative maintenance, and state safety and emissions inspections [where applicable] tracking system.  Our fleet tracking system helps keep company vehicles in good shape and remind Fleet Managers when regular servicing should take place…and remember to have basic maintenance including transmission flushes done periodically.


When you need a transmission repair or parts replacement, you can always rely on a TildenTM corporate store or local, independent franchise owner and staff to help diagnose a problem and get it fixed.

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