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Automotive Engine Tune Up Services from TildenTM

Full-Service Repair Shops to Keep Your Vehicle at Peak Performance

Tilden Your Total Car Care CenterTM automotive shops provide automotive tune up services for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and maintenance and repairs for commercial fleets. If your vehicle is not running at peak performance, then bring your personal car, truck or SUV in for a tune up. Your local TildenTM store is likely a franchise store, and is committed to providing full-service maintenance and repairs at competitive prices.


Check with your local store for specific services or bundled service packages for a basic tune up, or for preventative maintenance in general.

Get Automotive Engine Tune Up Services—Find Your Local Tilden Your Total Car Care CenterTM

Inspections and Tune Ups at a TildenTM Shop

As a full-service repair shop, a tune up is just one of the many automotive services that we offer. Bring your vehicle in for state and safety inspections, oil & lube changes and other maintenance. Alternatively, if you have parts failing or a check engine light on, we can diagnose and fix the problem. Additionally, we provide personal vehicle maintenance and repair services, and full-service options and maintenance tracking for commercial fleets.


Your local TildenTM store provides:

  • Engine tune up (20-point) and visual inspections on individual-owner cars, trucks, SUVs and vans
  • Engine tune up (30-point) and visual inspections (and other services for business clients) for fleet vehicles
  • Preventative maintenance for manufacturer’s scheduled service (warranty)
  • Priority service on fleet accounts for tune ups, engine repairs, maintenance and other services
  • Learn more about fleet products and services

Be sure to keep your vehicle(s) running at peak performance. Schedule an engine tune up with a Tilden Your Total Car Care CenterTM today.

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